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Katrina McGhee’s New Book for Career Driven Women, “Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.” Has Officially Hit the BEST SELLER List,


Katrina McGhee, best-selling author, career strategist and former EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Susan G. Komen for a Cure, has taught thousands of corporate Americans how to be happier and more successful in their careers. Long ago, she realized that, “everyone deserves to have it all.”  According to the 2018 “Women in the Workplace” study, 62% of the management positions are held by men while only 38% are held by women. McGhee asked herself why this is still the case and her answers led her to write this book. 

“Women are smart, ambitious, and want to make a positive difference in the world. Yet it seems no matter how hard we work, between our personal and professional life, we feel like we’re always falling short in some area.”  Katrina has come up with secrets to doing what you love for a living, while still enjoying a vibrant life. 

Whether a corporate executive, entrepreneur, or a community leader, the lessons and steps outlined in this book will help readers to:

Design a rewarding career based on your unique blend of strengths, skills, and desires.

Elevate your executive presence to get noticed and promoted for your work.

Cultivate the meaningful connections that deliver big dividends in your career

Embrace empowered living to enjoy a balanced, successful, and significant life.

Help define career halting habits that they may be making in the workplace while not even realizing it and how to change those habits.

Identify and eliminate your career halting habits to accelerate your success.

“Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be You.” reveals the roadmap for creating the life and career we all individually desire. Through a series of powerful lessons inspired by Katrina McGhee’s personal journey, from impactful individual contributor to empowered c-suite executive, readers will discover how to maximize strengths, increase influence, and unlock the greatness for which we were all designed.

This fast and detailed read takes you on a grand adventure of getting in the driver’s seat and navigating your way to unimaginable success. You are worthy of the life you desire. Be empowered and get equipped with the tools you need to lead, grow, and succeed!  To view more info on the book and Katrina McGhee please visit  www.katrinamcghee.com .

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