Welcome to (For more about click here) is a national, multi-channel distributor of diversity-related e-news, web content and social network extensions. We are one of the nation’s most well-respected and trusted online sources targeting corporations, cross-cultural communities, diverse consumers, multicultural media and mainstream press focused on topics of inclusion.
Reaching diverse influentials and emerging readers from the multicultural and mainstram communities’s national direct email world consists of a 2 million+ web network of diverse influentials and mainstream connectors — via direct email outreach, online video updates, electronic publications and newswires.
Also, we share news with over 4,000 members of the national press from top mainstream business publications, television, internet and radio sources as well as  to a range of the diverse press from the African, African-American, Caribbean, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American communities.
Tapping the new “DNA” (Direct Network Access)  via a  WAVE of social networks
Through our varied online access points, offers clients the easy access to new and emerging diverse audiences around the U.S. — from mainstream to diverse — while strengthening brand recognition in the cross-cultural, diverse marketplace. The platform creates new bridges across major social networks, web destinations and direct outreach efforts — all focused on relevant topics of interest to readers.
Our SUCCESS services —  Create, Refine, Review, Distribute
We provide communication consulting services to help you get your message out more effectively. We create, refine, review or distribute communication collaterals as well as establish and implement ‘on the ground’ PR/Marketing strategies — all designed for SUCCESS.
One Click = Multi-Level Exposure
Get to know our  access points and and use these areas to promote your news, jobs, events and press relases:
1) DiverseCity — for events, entertainment news, fashion, style, culture and more
2) EduStation — educational opportunities, authors, and books
3) Success4U – Career and job opportunities, training programs
4) Wave – Social Network Access
5) UNews – business and general news coverage
6) newswireUF– press release distributiion
7) ufChannel – for news and video posting

We invite you to share your news and information and use our wire services! The members of our press, media and general market lists consist of journalists who are actively covering the diverse marketplace, and who continue to read our service for leads and information. We encourage journalists to contact you and share with you any story they have covered on your organization. Unity First Direct, Inc. has operated African American/Diversity Newswire and since 1998. Our clients range from small regional organizations and PR firms to large corporations and media companies.


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I. African American Newswire:

Targeting over 4,000 members of the African American/diverse press

African American /Diversity Newswire is distributed to over 2,000 members of the diverse press across the United States (Northeast, South, West, Midwest) with key concentrations in cities bearing large populations of diverse people. This service provides a direct link to the diverse press across the United States, including media representing the African American, Caribbean, African and international press. The service will distribute news, photos, press releases, corporate/ business announcements and community-based events and key listings to diverse media. Online Annual Sponsorships and Rates for press release distribution are also available, if desired. Key newslines include:

African American Newswire: African American Press Only (US)

Diversity Newswire: National – African American and Diversity Press (U.S. and International)





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II. Unity First Online:

Reaching diverse community and business leaders

Unity First Online carries news, information and releases to a broader network of industry, business and community constituencies across the U.S. and world who are interested in diversity issues or multicultural-focused news. A direct email newswire to African Americans and other diverse people, this newsline carries information to a diverse readership of more than 100,000, including a majority of African Americans, as well as other people of color, in key multicultural organizations, communities, and industry groups across the U.S. and beyond. Online Annual Sponsorships are also available, if desired.



To send your release via African American/Diversity Newswire or Unity First:

For online placements, advertising, job posts or newswire distributions

(413) 221-7931



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“We make sharing your news with diverse markets our top priority.”

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