New movie: “Lincoln” opens on November 9

“Lincoln,” a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.


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  1. Drew HA says:

    lincoln could not have possibly made slaves free? (1)if there where only slaves in the south then what where they called in the north? (2)if he was president then why is the war about north and south? (3)you cant free something you have no controll over so the south said lets war for the slaves? wow, insult to injury we are still living p.t.s.d. from all of that and then some,thanks abe they needed somebody to pin this on.(no negro whether slave or free,could ever be considered a citizen of the united staes)supreme court and justice roger b taney ensured that the law did not protect slaves,but imbued their white oppressors who physically,mentally and psychologically abused them with full supremacy………………..


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