Introducing Dr. Jonas Gadson “Since Greatness Is Possible Excellence Is Not Enough! Go For Greatness!”



Motivational speaker and author, Dr. Jonas Gadson, DTM is known as “Mr. Enthusiastic!”  A native of St. Helena Island, South Carolina, Dr. Gadson shares an “educational, inspirational and motivational” story in his book “How To Fly Like An Eagle With Wings Like A Wimp!” It teaches you…How to “Take A Chance! Take Charge! And Take Control of your life!” How to turn obstacles into opportunities; scars into stars, and stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

Dr. Gadson brings over 30 years of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience from Xerox Corp. and Eastman Kodak Company to the speaking and training arenas.  At Eastman Kodak Company he trained    8,000 employees from 69 countries as part of a corporate-wide 3 year diversity initiative and received the “Trainer of the Year” Award!

He spoke at Delphi Automotive in Rochester, NY to women engineers and earned a contract on the spot!  As he closed out his presentation with a powerful call to action, a manager came in and heard the last ten minutes and decided right then to hire him to do a two day training for her organization. He has done it for others and he can do it for You!

He is committed to helping people develop their personal and professional greatness!  His company, Partners For Purposeful Living specializes in “Speaking, Training and Developing Greatness!”

Dr. Gadson was inducted into the Beaufort High Alumni Hall of Fame for “distinguishing himself in profession, leadership and service.”  He graduated from the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Class and received his Doctorate Degree both in 2013.

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