National Black Chamber of Commerce Opens Doors to Federal Procurement During Business MatchMaker


National Black Chamber of Commerce opens the doors to federal procurement during its 25th Annual Conference, Investing in America’s Diversity, July 26-29, 2017 in Washington, DC at the Inclusive, Innovative Incubator. Outstanding speakers and federal agencies have committed to participate.

Harry C. Alford Announces Business MatchMaker

The Business MatchMaker takes place on the third day of the conference. These meetings connect businesses to corporate and government purchasing officials for private one-on-one, pre-scheduled meetings to discuss potential opportunities in various service and product areas. Each meeting is a 15-minute session and is included in the conference registration. Participants include National Institute of Health, Department of Homeland Security, Goddard Space Flight Center, Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Justice, Social Security Administration and AARP.

The conference showcases outstanding speakers from the business world of who you’ve got to know. These speakers include Marla Blow, founder of FS Card, which provides underserved consumers access to mainstream credit. Acting National Director of Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), Chris Garcia will kick-off the Tech Start-up Pitch Showcase. The MBDA believes that entrepreneurship is a sure pathway to wealth creation and a thriving national economy.

Angel Rich is the co-founder and CEO of  The Wealth Factory Inc. The Washington, D.C.-based firm designs financial literacy and workforce development education technology games. Monica H. Kang is founder & CEO of Innovators Box. Her passion is to build bridges and empower people with creativity. Kendrick Nguyen is Hustling 24/7 at Republic with an amazing team to bring angel investing to main street.

“If you want to grow your business, if you believe in developing relationships, if you need fresh air, this is a must attend event,” says Harry C. Alford, president, and CEO. The complete agenda can be found at

Harry C. Alford


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