Impact Network National Poll of African American Registered Voters Reveals Former Vice President Joe Biden Provides a Better Quality of Life for the Black Community Compared to President Trump


– 80% say Biden would do a better job in providing better opportunities for a better quality of life for Black Americans

– 35% of respondents have voted early for the presidential election

– 54% feel ‘hopeful’ over the next 4 years with a Biden administration

(PRNewsFoto/The Impact Network)

The Impact Network conducted a national survey of registered African American voters about their views and feelings toward the presidential candidates (President Trump and Former Vice President Biden) in the 2020 election. The poll was fielded by Lucid, a research technology platform providing nationally representative samples of Americans.

From October 20 to October 22, 2020, the study polled 502 registered voters who identified themselves as African American. The poll also provided the option for respondents to identify themselves as both African American and another ethnicity (White, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American).

Major Poll Highlights:

The poll revealed that the majority of respondents felt that Former Vice President Biden would do a ‘better job’ on all of the major issues impacting the African American community including:

  • Accessing quality health care (80%)
  • Improving race relations (79%)
  • Providing economic opportunities (77%)
  • Enforcing police reform (73%)
  • Providing quality educational opportunities (77%)

The survey further looked at 27 qualitative factors and asked respondents about their feelings over the next four years under the next potential presidential administration. Of significance, under a Trump Administration, 55% would feel disappointed, and 51% would feel frustrated. Under a Biden Administration, 54% would be hopeful, and 5% would feel upset.

The poll also examined voter behavior and found that 35% of respondents voted early, 62% plan to vote, 2% do not plan to vote, and 1% declined to answer.

The entire Impact Network presidential poll is available here.

Executive Statement:

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Founder & CEO of The Impact Network:

“Our goal at the Impact Network in conducting the presidential survey was to show at a grassroots level what are the top of mind concerns for the Black community, as these voters head to the polls to decide on one of the most important presidential elections in our lifetime.”

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