Pacsun Leads with Strong Digital Efforts — 2 Million TikTok Followers by 2022 and use of BitPay

Pacsun Holiday 2021 Campaign

Pacsun is leading with digital first Gen Z initiatives across TikTok, Snapchat, AR, digital gaming and NFTs to launch its new Holiday 2021 campaign across multiple digital channels. In the latest ‘Taking Stock with Teens’ Fall 2021 Piper Sandler Report, Pacsun continues to gain momentum as the #3 spot in Favorite Apparel Brands for all Teens as it creates impactful initiatives for its audiences who will be following the brand into 2022. Beginning the first week of November, Pacsun will launch a dedicated Instagram filter, Holiday Snapchat Lens and TikTok Challenge to promote digital experiences for its customers this Holiday season. Using digital first experiences after the successful launch of BitPay on the brand’s site, these initiatives will be a big part of early Holiday activation for the brand.

Continuing to lean into progressive AR experiences, Pacsun will release its second store-front holiday Snapchat Lens. On the heels of many successful Snapchat Lenses over the years, the Lens will showcase the retailer’s seasonal promotions, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It will also create innovative shoppable moments for consumers, focusing on denim, graphics and fleece, helping them find holiday styles for themselves and the perfect gift ideas.

This Holiday, Pacsun will continue to push Crypto exclusives to engage Gen Z.  Special promotions will also continue be offered to cryptocurrency users. Ads on Snapchat, unique user displays online and paid search efforts will be utilized as part of this promotional platform positioning the brand again as a first in market brand to amplify in this way through cryptocurrency. 

“At Pacsun we always think digital first in terms of how we communicate with our community,” says Brie Olson, President at Pacsun. “This holiday we are using the most cutting-edge technology to bring an exciting experience to our consumers through innovations in social media, AR, NFTs, and so much more.”

Pacsun has lapped it’s competitive set in terms of TikTok growth in 2021, and anticipates acceleration to continue in the fourth quarter as it trends towards 2 Million followers and 700 Million views under the #Pacsun hashtags. The brand’s TikTok challenge will officially kick off on November 16th, and will live alongside several holiday content series on the platform like “5 Things to Give Your BLANK” and “Gifts for the BLANK” gift guides, along with social media takeovers and interviews, and a “25 Days of Giving” social promotion starting December 1st that gives users a chance to win prizes for themselves and a friend through tags. Early Black Friday messaging will also be a lead way into the Holiday season, giving consumers the chance to show up sooner to the Pacsun retail Holiday experience in an intentional way through promos and deals that will consistently be messaged across multiple brand channels. 

Combining the digital and in-store experience, Pacsun will host weekly livestream events to showcase curated collections of gifts at their retail locations nationwide, including the DTLA and Soho flagship stores in a new buildout space for its launches entitled ”gallery space.” This dedicated installation will be the backdrop for surprise brand partners and guest influencer hosts for exclusive drops.

With IRL experiences still critical to its consumer experience, Pacsun will also partner with Twitch as the main sponsor for Rolling Loud California over a three day program in December that will include exclusive merchandise available to consumers. The anticipated merch drop will align with the continued innovation that Pacsun and Twitch will work on together to create an interactive festival livestream inclusive for everyone. 

“During the season of giving, we are bringing people together through uniting the best of the physical and digital worlds by presenting our consumers with fun and creative ways to engage with us and each other in real-time,” said Alfred Chang, Co-CEO of Pacsun. “As a result, they get a first look at our new holiday collections and can shop what they see both in-person and online, all while joining in on conversations digitally and IRL.”

Looking ahead at the remainder of 2021 and into 2022, NFTs, gaming and augmented reality, will be a big focus and commitment for the retailer and its branded partners through collaborative initiatives, along with solidifying its position in the metaverse through the release of Pacworld, a Pacsun Fantasy Mall on Roblox.