The Foxworth Theory Interview with attorney/real estate leader Aimee D. Griffin (6/7 & 6/9, 9 pm ET)


Big Apple businesswoman Eugenia Foxworth, known for her work as the President of the International Real Estate Federation for the USA, speaks with leaders in fashion, art, culture, and society on her twice weekly podcast series, The Foxworth Theory, streamed live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 pm EDT on the podcast’s own YouTube channel. 

This week (Tuesday, 6/7, and Thursday, 6/9, at 9 pm ET), our guest is attorney Aimee D. Griffin, President, and CEO of The Griffin Firm, in Washington, DC as well as the Founder of the Association of Black Estate Planning Professionals, Inc.  As she directs estate planning and business attorneys, Griffin helps individuals, families, and communities to build multi-generational wealth. Munnings is committed to bridging the racial wealth gap and supporting the transfer of wealth through estate and business planning.  

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