reaches over 777,000 with historic broadcast


Photo: Reginald Ware, CEO (BDO) reached another significant milestone in its coverage of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic by hosting a groundbreaking COVID Worldwide Town Hall on Monday, Dec. 20 that reached over 777,000 worldwide. In partnership with Amgen, the Black Coalition Against COVID-19 (BCAC) and hosted by BCAC co-founder Dr. Reed Tuckson, the hour-long Facebook Live broadcast featured healthcare professionals from around the globe detailing the challenges they are presently facing in the fight against COVID. Highlighted countries included South Africa, where the omicron variant was first discovered, Ghana, Ethiopia, the U.K., Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, and other Caribbean nations.

BDO is no stranger to successful Facebook Live broadcasts. In December 2020, the organization introduced Dr. Fauci to Black Americans in a domestic-focused broadcast that reached over 350,000. Additionally, the Making It Plain Series in partnership with the BCAC routinely reaches over 100,000. The series tackles COVID from a variety of perspectives and has featured a who’s who of top health, elected, faith and community-based organizations including Dr. Peter Marks of the FDA, Marc Morial of the National Urban League, TD Jakes, NFL Alumni Ambassadors, all major minority medical associations, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, Dr. Valerie Montgomery-Rice and Dr. Kizzie Corbett, who has been credited with developing the Moderna vaccine, to name a few. reached over 777,000 in a historic virtual town hall on the worldwide impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.Tweet this

In addition to the successful broadcasts, BDO has leveraged their audience through polling to gain keen insights into how Black Americans feel about and engage with healthcare. These polls have been able to provide our experts valuable feedback regarding the impact of the COVID-related content presented through BDO. One significant indicator was a poll taken at the beginning of the pandemic showed that nearly 70% of respondents did not plan to take the vaccine. However a separate survey, taken just 18 months later showed that 70% of respondents were fully vaccinated. This is a direct reflection of the work being done by BDO on a daily basis.

This latest broadcast and the site’s COVID-19 Resource Center further cements BDO as the go-to leader for accurate, culturally relevant COVID information. Earlier this year, BDO crossed the two million reached mark and this latest program pushes that number even higher. BDO is quickly establishing itself as the leader of health and wellness information for Black people around the world. They plan to host at least two more worldwide broadcasts in 2022 as part of their continuing commitment to providing high quality content aimed at eliminating healthcare disparities and the life expectancy gap. BDO is truly the place where wellness and culture connect!

To watch the historic broadcast, click here.

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