Black Girls Golf Elevates Diverse Women in Golf at This Year’s Executive Member Retreat


When diverse female professionals are brought together in sisterhood, amazing things happen. Just ask any of the women who attended this year’s Black Girls Golf Executive Member Retreat.

“Thank you for providing this experience. Your vision for women of color is impressive and appreciated. It takes a lot to reach a nationwide audience of various ages and experiences. You have given the opportunity to connect with people we never would have met.” – Lynda D.

Lynda and over 50 members of the Black Girls Golf organization from across the U.S. gathered this October in Kohler, Wisconsin for a weekend of connection, community, and empowerment. And a little time at the tee, of course!

The chilly October weather did little to diminish the spirit of those in attendance, who braved the elements to sharpen their skills on and off the golf course.

Through the long weekend, members participated in golf clinics, panel discussions, and networking events. Each event fostered opportunity for the diverse group of women to connect over navigating the complex experience of being a female professional.

Though their varied experiences stem from a variety of industries and environments, their shared identities as women of color and golf enthusiasts provided them with a significant commonality: the understanding of the work and support required to achieve more diversity and inclusion in the golf industry, and beyond.

“I walked away with not just improved golf skills and knowledge but a greater sense of community and a renewed appreciation for the brands that stand beside us in supporting diversity and inclusion in golf. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your extraordinary effort and unwavering commitment. I’m looking forward to future events and the continued growth of this incredible community you’re building.” – Nicole T.

As longtime official partners of Black Girls Golf, organizations like PUMAⓇBMW USAⓇ, the LPGAⓇ, and American Licorice™Company joined several other brands in support of this year’s retreat, and the organization’s important mission. It is through these supportive partnerships that founder, Tiffany Fitzgerald, seeks to, “continue breaking down barriers, promoting diversity, and empowering the next generation of Black girls and women in golf.”

Since its founding in 2013, Black Girls Golf has worked tirelessly under Tiffany’s leadership and vision to create more access and opportunity to careers for women of color within the golf industry, a largely insulated environment steeped in tradition, privilege, and exclusivity. Along the way, their national membership has grown significantly, supporting more and more women each year who seek to not only build their golf skills, but connect with other supportive women as a community.

“The retreat was amazing! Not only did I learn how to play the game of golf but I was able to foster both business and personal connections with other phenomenal women. The panels were informative, and I left with new information from all panel discussions. The whole experience took the fear out of golf for me. I now feel empowered to try and practice my golf swing and engage [in] the game of golf. ” – Wendy J.

As one of the many sponsors of the retreat, American Licorice Company was able to send a few of its Associates to attend the event as well. American Licorice Payroll Administrator, Bridgette Braswell, shared that, “For someone who has never golfed but has been to a few clubs, the retreat allowed for insight into the game and a window into the vision of Black Girls Golf.”

Bridgette went on to highlight her favorite aspects of the event, noting, “The panel discussion and fireside chat were excellent opportunities to hear from women [about] their career journeys, take-aways, and growth opportunities. It was also impressive and inspiring to meet so many women with diverse backgrounds, careers and roles. It was a phenomenal event and I look forward to the next one!”

This sentiment is undoubtedly shared by all those who attended this powerful event. To learn more about how Black Girls Golf supports its members and its mission all year round, visit them here: