BoardProspects Celebrates Black History Month by Recognizing The Top 25 Black Board Members in the U.S.

BoardProspects Celebrates Black History Month by Recognizing The Top 25 Black Board Members in the U.S.
Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail, an innovative software platform which has disrupted traditional board recruitment by providing corporations with direct access to a prestigious community of thousands of credentialed board candidates, today announced that it is celebrating Black History Month by recognizing the Top 25 Black Board Member in the U.S. The recognition takes place in the February issue of Board Recruitment – BoardProspects’ monthly e-publication examining the latest news and trends in board recruitment and composition.

“We are thrilled to recognize these exceptional board members as part of our celebration of Black History Month,” said Mark Rogers, CEO of BoardProspects. “Although there has been significant progress during the past couple of years in regard to the number of new Black board members being appointed to corporate boards, there is still a long way to go. Black History Month presents a tremendous opportunity to not only emphasize the need for corporations to continue their efforts to diversify their boardroom, but also recognize exception Black board members in the U.S.”

The process to select the Top 25 board members was undertaken by an independent committee which focused on identifying board members with extraordinary executive backgrounds and board service at large (market cap) corporations with a proven track record of convincing shareholder returns during their tenure. The 25 Black board members who were selected, include:

Rodney C. Adkins

Kimberly A. Nelson

Paget L. Alves

Clarence J. Otis, Jr.

Shellye L. Archambeau

Paula A. Price

Gaurdie E. Banister, Jr.

Debra A. Sandler

Adriane M. Brown

Rodney E. Slater

Nelda J. Connors

Gabrielle Sulzberger

Kermit R. Crawford

John W. Thompson

W. Roy Dunbar

Tracey T. Travis

Venita Fields

Robin L. Washington

Linda R. Gooden

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson

Carla A. Harris

Mary A. Winston

Wayne M. Hewett

Alfred W. Zollar

Henry W. McGee

To read about these amazing individuals, you can access a complimentary copy of the February issue of Board Recruitment at: Board Recruitment, February 2023.