Undra Celeste, Brandice Daniel & Megan Renee.

HSN®, a leader in livestream shopping and video storytelling, today announced an exclusive collaboration with Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR), tapping four of the agency’s top designers, each with their own fresh, distinct perspective. Debuting next month will be collections from brands Megan Renee and Undra Celeste, followed by two new designers in the fall. Shown in the photo are: Undra Celeste, Brandice Daniel & Megan Renee.

“Harlem’s Fashion Row has brought us exceptional designers with beautiful and exclusive collections that we are honored to share with our audience,” said Bridget Love, GMM & VP Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry & Beauty, HSN.  “This collaboration helps HSN continue to offer our customers with an ever-changing mix of must-have items that reflect multiple perspectives on fashion. We are proud to support HFR’s mission of inclusivity and empowerment in the fashion industry.”

Brandice Daniel, founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row, passionately expressed her commitment to elevating diverse voices in the fashion industry through the collaboration with HSN. She emphasized, “This project not only celebrates unique perspectives but also provides a new and vital platform for designers of color, extending beyond the boundaries of traditional retail. It signifies a notable advancement in the range of opportunities presently accessible to designers of color.”

Megan Renee x HFR is a 9-piece collection for everyday wear with original prints embodying strength, confidence, and unapologetic femininity.  For Undra Celeste x HFR, Undra has created a 10-piece wardrobe featuring modern, fun, and bold workwear.  The new collections will range in price point from $49.95 for a T-shirt to $189.95 for a trench coat.

Discussing the inspiration behind her collection, Megan Smith, designer of Megan Renee, elaborated, “Each piece tells a story through unique prints and vibrant colors, reflecting the identity of a woman who embraces her power and individuality.  Creating this collection has been an incredible journey, allowing me to showcase my distinct point of view on fashion.”

Undra Celeste x HFR embodies the essence of a multicultural woman who wants to show up to work feeling like her authentic self,” said Undra Duncan, designer of Undra Celeste.  “This collaboration for HSN is an exciting opportunity to share my vision of the future, where fashion becomes a statement of unyielding self-expression for every woman.”

The HRF brands will appear on-air on February 1st via a live remote from Harlem, where each designer will have one full hour of programming.  Customers can shop their exclusive new collections on www.hsn.com later this month, leading into the network’s month-long celebration of Black History Month. Learn more and shop Black Owned businesses on www.hsn.com.