From the best-selling author of "Up from Nothing," "Love Leadership" and "How the Poor Can Save Capitalism," John Hope Bryant's new book: "Financial Literacy for All" delivers a powerful resource for everyday Americans seeking to build a stronger financial future. Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. and Walmart.

Operation HOPE announced today that its Founder, Chairman, and CEO John Hope Bryant has released his sixth book, ‘FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR ALL.’ Upon its April 16th release, the book received high praise, reaching #1 on Amazon for Business Finance, where it remains a best seller. The launch date also coincides with Financial Literacy Month, which focuses on improving financial education across America.

Bryant’s reputation as a leading voice in economic empowerment is backed by his role as the CEO of Operation HOPE, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunity in underserved communities. A portion of the proceeds from book sales will support Operation HOPE’s programming, which focuses on uplifting communities through financial education.


As the best-selling author of ‘Up from Nothing,’ ‘Love Leadership,’ and ‘How the Poor Can Save Capitalism,’ Bryant’s new book will provide a powerful resource for everyday Americans seeking to build a stronger financial future. Part call to action, part inspiration, Financial Literacy for All’ offers a roadmap to increase prosperity for individuals, families, communities, and our nation from one of the nation’s foremost experts.

Using practical tools and tips, the book supports establishing a financial mindset that contributes to success and wealth – rather than debt and struggle – and helps to answer tough financial questions many Americans grapple with daily. Bryant also issues a call to action for public and private sector leaders to help bring financial literacy education to young Americans and working adults while outlining a plan that invites diverse individuals and organizations to join the financial self-determination movement.

With an insightful forward by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, “Financial Literacy for All” addresses pressing issues such as understanding credit, budgeting effectively, and building wealth, all while emphasizing the importance of financial dignity and inclusion. Bryant’s approach empowers readers to navigate the complexities of personal finance with confidence and purpose.

Tied to the book release, Operation HOPE is launching its “Campaign For America” where everyday Americans can advance financial literacy for themselves and their communities. The campaign is asking America to:

  1. Sign the Change.org petition calling on Congress to ensure that financial literacy is taught in every classroom in America
  2. Connect with an Operation HOPE coach at no charge and get started on the path to securing a healthy financial future
  3. Start a ‘700 Credit Score Club’ to challenges friends, family, and coworkers to join the journey to building a 700+ credit score, in-person and/or online
  4. Start a New Business by signing up for Operation HOPE’s 1MBB program to accelerate entrepreneurial dreams
  5. Sponsor a ‘Financial Literacy for All’ book at your local library or school

Learn more or sign-up at “Campaign For America.”

“Fixing income inequality will reignite the American dream, and John takes aim at one of the biggest challenges of our time in Financial Literacy For All. I share John’s optimism that we can help change the world and address our problems with the right skills, tools and knowledge. Drawing on lessons learned from history and his own personal experiences, John creates a powerful business plan for America to drive empowerment through education,” said Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase.

“If there was ever the right book for the wrong time, it’s this one! Misinformation is at an all-time high and financial literacy is at an all-time low. As a result, regular folks out there are struggling! Thankfully John Hope Bryant, a man I’ve known for years as an incredible entrepreneur and philanthropist, has come through with actual and actionable steps people can take to turn their lives around,” said Charlamagne Tha God, Media Mogul, Bestselling Author, TV and Radio Host.