Inaugural Committee Launches First-Ever Smartphone App For President Obama’s Inauguration

obama2x2New Digital Tools Will Make it Easier for Americans to Participate in Inaugural Events Across the Country

The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) announced today its first-ever smartphone app that will bring key information about the official Inaugural events to Americans’ fingertips like never before. From connecting people with opportunities to attend service events across the country to providing livestream video of official events so anyone can watch history in the making, the app will allow Americans to be a part of the Inauguration no matter where they are.

“This inauguration is a celebration of the American people,” said Steve Kerrigan, President and CEO of the PIC. “That’s why we’ve designed our app to make sure folks across this country don’t miss a moment of history. Whether you’re in Washington DC or any other part of the nation, there are plenty of ways to be involved in the inauguration through this app.”

The app encourages users to serve their communities, offering the ability to look up National Day of Service events around the country. Users may filter the type of event they are interested in, whether it’s focused on education, health, community resilience, economic development, veterans and military families, faith, or the environment. Once users find the right event for them, they can RSVP and see how many others in their community plan to attend the event.

App users will also be able to find their way to official Inaugural events using the app’s unique maps feature, which gets around the problems of data connections by operating offline. The maps include essential information such as event access points, portable toilet locations, and viewing screen locations. From President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony to the Inaugural parade, the maps give users a clear understanding of how to maneuver their way through the city.

“This is the first official smartphone app built for a presidential inauguration,” said Nate Lubin, Digital Director at the PIC. “We wanted to build a tool that will enable us to reach new people in new ways. This app does just that.”

Other app features include: the full schedule of official events, blog content highlighting unique stories and aspects of the Inauguration, up to date news about official Inaugural events, and access to official photography and video content.

The app also syncs with Facebook, Twitter, email and text for quick and easy sharing across platforms.

This Inauguration is not just a celebration of a president; it’s a celebration of the American people. From service projects to social media, the PIC is finding new ways to engage all Americans in the hard work of shaping our future. While many of the weekend’s events will take place in Washington, D.C., this app will help bring more Americans together for a nationwide celebration.

The Joint Congressional Committee on Ceremonies (JCCIC) is also announcing this morning its mobile-optimized web site, which is designed to assist individuals attending the swearing-in ceremony.

The PIC app is available for iPhones and Android devices. It is also available on the iPad. Please click HERE to download the PIC app. When the Joint Committee releases the mobile web app later this morning, users may download the icon by visiting from their smartphone.



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