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ORLANDO, FL– Bobbi Hicks, former NYC employment agency owner/operator and professional reinvention coach, will lead four-day event to transform businesses and business owners. “The Courage to Create” business intensive will help professionals bring their ideas to life, turn them into profits, as well as position themselves as experts and personalities. The event will take place from Thursday, January 20th through Sunday, January 23rd, 2011, at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, 6000 W. Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL.

The promise to qualified participants is that they will leave with: (1) a blueprint to earn $200,000 plus, in addition to their current salaries; (2) the concept, description and chapter outline for a non-fiction book; (3) the outline for a workshop based on the book; (4) a new product ready to be launched; and (5) a paradigm shift about what you can achieve.

According to Hicks, “Much of the work at this reinvention intensive will be to help participants recognize their own worth, to identify or redefine the core message of their brand, to bring out the substance and authenticity in their businesses, to think new markets for their products, and to create the blueprint to an additional six-figure income. For some, the primary outcome may be to clarify their life mission.

Goals to be accomplished include, but are not limited to: identifying the core message of your brand; creating the concept, description and chapter outline for a non-fiction book that will attract clients and generate new streams of income; to create a new product and move it from idea to execution; to build or expand your platform; to develop strategic alliances with nonprofit partners and corporate sponsors; building relationships with the media, learning how to turn customers into clients, connecting business concepts with current events; and realizing ones’ true potential.

“Gainfully employed executives should not overlook this opportunity. Branding yourself and having a plan B is not only about being proactive in today’s uncertain times, it’s about distinguishing yourself from others who do what you do, and taking control of your own destiny. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an expert who wants to be an industry leader, or a person with information that can help others while significantly increasing your own income, you will find this work complimentary to your current career strategy.” says Hicks.

The ideal candidate will have nearly a decade or more of business experience, writing and presentation skills; an expertise, information, or life-experience that can be transformed into a meaningful program. Interested professionals can opt for private coaching sessions to take place over three-month intervals.

Bobbi Hicks has been in the business of improving and transforming lives for 25 years. She is a career development specialist, seminar leader, social entrepreneur, and founder of The American Family Responsibility Movement™ which will be launched in 2011.

For media inquiries, additional information, to register for “The Courage to Create” professional reinvention intensive, or to reach Bobbi Hicks, please call: 973-223-3948 or Email at