New Book Offers Unwritten Rules for Professional Success


Waltham, MA / September 7, 2011 – Although technical skills are important in today’s workplace, professionals must also focus on relationship-building and organizational influence to increase their value to the organization and enhance their career growth. That premise is addressed in a new book, “The Power of Choice: Embracing Efficacy to Drive Your Career,” by employee development expert Michael C. Hyter.

Hyter’s book, released today, offers insights and strategies for professionals seeking to advance their careers. Hyter draws from his personal experiences as a professional of color navigating corporate America, and the lessons and case studies contained in his book offer valuable insight for all professionals, regardless of background.

“Particularly in today’s volatile economy, career progression isn’t a matter of luck, it’s the result of deliberate choices,” explains Hyter, president and managing partner of Global Novations, a global talent management training and consulting firm.

Hyter explores how those who embrace “Efficacy” – the capacity to produce a desired outcome – learn to make conscious choices in the workplace, rather than reacting to setbacks and other challenges. Drawing from more than 30 years of experience working with executives in a variety of industries, Hyter’s book provides professionals with the “unwritten rules” to overcome obstacles in the workplace and achieve career success.

“Regardless of what’s going on around you, you have the choice of how you respond. This is a principle of our Efficacy program and a credo I live by,” says Hyter. “Through strategies and case studies shared in my book, I hope professionals can learn lifelong lessons to realize their full potential.”

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