Crimes against Humanity in the Land of the Free: Can a Truth and Reconciliation Process Heal Racial Conflict in America?


Imani Michelle Scott Headshot(Imani Michelle Scott)–The chronically deep psychic pains and traumatic social injuries associated with centuries of racism and racial conflict in America cannot be healed with repeated, temporary responses brought on by acute social occurrences, e.g., the wounding or killing of unarmed African Americans, protests against racial injustice, racially-charged acts and inflammatory rhetoric.

The book offers an unprecedented examination into enduring racial disparities and tension in the United States of America, and proposes the implementation of a novel approach to healing the nation: a non-conventional, co-created Truth, Reconciliation, and Peace Process (TRPP).

This is essential reading for anyone who seeks to:

Understand the sources of perpetual racial conflict, disparity, and hatred in the United States,
Recognize the social injuries of exposure to centuries of racism,
Move America towards the greater fulfillment of social justice and healthy interracial relationships, and
Improve America’s international standing as a peace-building nation truly committed to human rights within its own borders.
Through in-depth explorations of historical and contemporary circumstances that suggest a national “addiction” to racism, the book:

Outlines the intra- and inter-group consequences of living in a perennially racist society,
Argues that all Americans have a responsibility in working towards the long-needed healing process between blacks and whites in the country, and
Challenges the U.S. Congress to act on its 2008 and 2009 apologies to African Americans by implementing and committing to a series of nation-wide initiatives as part of a Truth, Reconciliation and Peace Process (TRPP).
The contributors to this work present varied perspectives and discussions on American history, politics, philosophy, and 21st-century psycho-social conditions as they relate to historical and contemporary oppression, social injustice, and racism. The text allows readers to grasp the serious challenges at hand, and directs them towards recognizing the potential for conflict transformation and reconciliation to begin resolving America’s race-related social dysfunction.

Crimes against Humanity in the Land of the Free:
Can a Truth and Reconciliation Process heal Racial Conflict in America?
ISBN 978-1-4408-3043-3
Publisher: Praeger/ABC-CLIO
Author/Editor: Imani Michelle Scott