Photographer’s New Book Celebrates Basketball Hall of Famer Allen Iverson


iverson-2Allen Iverson spent 14 years in the NBA on the way to a hall of fame career looking for the perfect shot.  Gary Land, a leading force in advertising and commercial photography, working with iconic brands like Beats, Nike, and Under Armour, and celebrity athletes like LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Serena Williams, also has been seeking the perfect shot.  Land, who first worked with Iverson when he turned pro 20 years ago, teams up with his favorite subject to produce an attractive limited edition (1,996 copies in honor of the year he began in the NBA) coffee table book celebration, AI: Allen Iverson Released December 1, 2017).  You can see for more information.

“Iverson is seen by his peers as a game – changer, as someone who played beyond his size, and tenaciously attacked the basket,” says Land.”  I wanted to pay tribute to his stellar career, as he entered The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, with my curated photos that were selected out of tens of thousands of images.”

Land’s book focuses on the heart of Iverson’s career, when in Philadelphia, Iverson had a terrific run, getting drafted No. 1 overall by the Philadelphia 76ers and going on to achieve numerous accomplishments, which included Rookie of the Year, 11 all-star selections, an Olympic Bronze, a Finals appearance, 4 scoring titles, 3 steals titles, and an MVP award.

Land also takes us off the court, with candid shots of him and his son, and stirring photographs of private moments of reflection and renewal. Land had unprecedented, exclusive access Allen’s inner circle. His never-before-seen images reflect a side of the star hoopster that few knew existed.

Some of his photos captured Iverson in a way not yet seen.  One shows him with a forearm cast.  Another at his surprise 30th birthday party.  Another was of him sitting contemplatively in the locker room.  But the image he’s most proud of is one he didn’t snap.  It was of him going one-on-one with Iverson on a practice court.  It looks like he dribbles past Iverson.

“During my time with AI I got to see sides of Allen that very few people ever get to see,” says Land “My hope is this commemoration of a supremely talented individual will allow others to see something they haven’t seen before.”




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