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Welcome to the Intersection – Women of Color On the Move- a traveling motivational exhibit that highlights the untold stories of struggle and success


“The Intersection: Untold Stories of Women of Color On the Move”

This exhibit,“The Intersection: Untold Stories of Women of Color On the Move,” explores the intersecting “lines” and worlds of women of color on the move to create a more inclusive world. Through their untold stories, we all can learn more about history, issues, trends, perspectives, motivation and courage.

The women of color –many hidden figures—in the exhibit are considered pacesetters and gamechangers who broke barriers in civil rights and feminism before it was commonly known, acknowledged or accepted. Each of the 31 women highlighted in the 13 panels offers valuable life lessons for every generation – especially as the exhibit details the various intersections where stories emerged, challenges were clear and success was evident.

The exhibit (shown in part on the website) is available for presentation at your location when schedules permit. Please let us know if you would like to present it and host a conversation.  The exhibit also includes options for an interactive lecture, workshops, dialogue sessions, and talk shows.  For more information on this exhibit and its related programs, please call Janine Fondon at  (413) 221-7931 or send email to jfondon@gmail.com.

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