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Carol’s Daughter Introduces “True To Your Roots,” A Celebration of the Power of Mother-Daughter Relationships


Carol’s Daughter is proud to announce the launch of its “True To Your Roots” campaign, dedicated to the deep-rooted bond between mothers and daughters and embracing the power of family tradition. Inspired by its own brand heritage, the latest campaign from Carol’s Daughter heralds female empowerment, dedication to the mother-daughter connection, and how each inform the lifelong relationship with hair passed from one generation to the next.

Women of color and their hair are inextricably linked, especially when it comes to families. For Founder Lisa Price, her mother was the driving force that encouraged her not only to embrace her natural curls, but to ultimately create Carol’s Daughter. The connection they shared remains at the core of the Carol’s Daughter brand today. Born out of a celebration of the various hair types, cultures, and maternal relationships that exist globally, Carol’s Daughter shares each family’s hair tradition, no matter what that may look like.

“When I think of the phrase ‘True To Your Roots’ – I think of things you learn from your mother, that she learned from her mother – and the things they teach you about being true to who you are,” said Lisa Price. “My mother taught me to fall in love with my hair and the person I see in the mirror, flaws and all. If I can pass that message about beauty on to my daughter as our family’s tradition, I will have done my job. With that foundational self-confidence in place, anything and everything else is possible.”

Featuring a real mother and daughter at launch, the authentic, family-centric campaign will evolve to also capture the emotional power of multi-generational families.

“Being able to cast and shoot actual families is something that I’ve thought about doing with the brand for such a long time, and I’m incredibly proud to see that beauty come to fruition,” Price shared.

The Carol’s Daughter “True To Your Roots” campaign will highlight some of the brand’s most coveted product lines, launching with the Coco Crème Collection, which is designed to provide intense moisture and softness to extremely dry hair;  the Black Vanilla Collection, designed for dry and brittle hair; and the Hair Milk Collection, designed for naturally curly hair that is nourished and soft to the touch. These products are available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, ULTA Beauty, and Sally Beauty stores nationwide, as well as CarolsDaughter.com and Amazon.com.

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