KATRINA WALKER’s memoir, “UNBREAKABLE – 5 Husbands, Homeless, to Self-Made Millionaire.

THE KATRINA WALKER STORY has inspired many to overcome obstacles and be true to their own selves.
The founder of the Tennessee-based Rainbow Kidz Learning Center (a 24-hour child
care facility, which has expanded to other states including Georgia) as well as a production company and owner of real estate holdings, Katrina shares her experiences and what she learned about herself as well as others through the ups and downs within relationships. The failed marriages to no-good men, businesses that were successful and the ventures that were not (the latter resulting in two bankruptcies and loss of income), having family who witnessed Dr. King’s final hours on earth (Katrina’s grandfather was one of many sanitation workers who protested poor working conditions within Memphis) as well as her ability to rise above to help others who’ve suffered abuse and neglect.
A recipient of Congressional Recognition for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community by the US House of Representatives (awarded last July of 2018) and head of the non-profit BE Foundation, Katrina has appeared with TV-One’s Roland Martin on his now-defunct news series as well as been featured in the New York Amsterdam News and New York Beacon publications. Recently, she’s produced and had written the successful stage play, “Miss Dee’s Kitchen” (inspired by her mother, Demetria).“I consider myself a motivator – not a motivational speaker,” Katrina explains. “Everyone has a story. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations….I’ve been there. I motivate people to stop making excuses, stop saying ‘can’t do’, and I’m going to use all my experiences to show you how.


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