Decentr Launch Decentralised Blockchain Browser to Attract Mainstream Users to Cryptocurrency


Mainstream users who are unfamiliar with crypto can now make the leap to personal wealth creation by leveraging crypto as part of their secure digital assets

Decentr today launched a browser to bridge the massive gap in the market for a browser that provides the necessary features, functions, and security for everyday users to benefit from crypto.

Mainstream adoption, according to Finance Magnates, is the “holy grail” of crypto and an integrated web3, however a recent CNBC article states that one of the main reasons crypto is not mainstream is that it “remains exotic and poorly understood”.

Decentr helps change this. Until now, entering the crypto ecosystem has been a complicated and complex process. For the average user there are many unscrupulous websites, extensions and third parties looking to steal your funds at every step of the way. Decentr, a London/Minsk-based blockchain start-up formed in 2019, today delivered a browser that provides a secure gateway to crypto for both new and seasoned users alike. 

Rich James, Decentr CCO said, “Users running the Decentr browser can access all the necessary functions, tools, links etc to start crypto’ing, safely and securely. Our vision is for Decentr to be synonymous with crypto itself, the crypto browser of choice and the first step to entering the crypto ecosystem for any new user.”

As the first “blockchain-aware” web3 browser, the Decentr mainnet browser is set to usher in a raft of mainstream crypto applications that will greatly expand the wider crypto ecosystem, including ease of crypto payments between individual users. Not only does Decentr provide a safe, secure and convenient gateway to the crypto ecosystem, but also features a Paid to Browse model, similar to the Play to Earn model that has propelled blockchain gaming projects to new heights.

Nikita Anikeev, Decentr CTO added, “The Decentr Browser is both the gateway and user accessibility layer to the entire Decentr ecosystem (and the DEC token), affording users an integrated Web3 experience while allowing them to benefit economically from the wider crypto ecosystem.”