Introducing GoodBody, A Black-Owned, Self-Care Oasis For Textured Hair Womxn


GoodBody is proud to open its doors as the newest Black-owned, self-care oasis in Oakland, California. As a business inspired by Black-womxn’s beauty needs, GoodBody offers elevated hair and beauty services and provides its clients with a tailored selfcare experience. The salon prioritizes Black people of all genders with ranging hair types – a population that is historically underrepresented in the beauty industry.

GoodBody founder Brittany Barnes began her career in journalism but after years of frustrating and uninspired haircare experiences she decided to build a solution to the problem that so many Black people face. The salon’s opening was not without hurdles; Barnes opened in October 2020 amidst COVID.

“2020 was a difficult year but seeing GoodBody flourish despite that really highlighted the true need for a space that offers our guests a place to relax, be seen and heard, and treated as individuals,” says Barnes. “So many textured hair womxn have to visit multiple destinations to get their desired style – they get blowouts and haircuts at one salon, braids at another. At GoodBody, we provide full-service haircare in a singular destination with services that speak to the diversity and beauty of textured hair.”

Often, Black salons do not make interior design a priority due to the increased design costs and access to capital. GoodBody has made it a priority to create a space that is thoughtfully curated. “It was important to make this space special design-wise. There are not enough beautiful spaces created for black womxn,” says Barnes. Grand 25ft arches, bold and earthy colors, custom lighted mirror stations, and a stunning retail display come together to make GoodBody clients feel treated beyond their haircare. 

GoodBody has seen over 1,200 female and male-identifying clients. They are intentional and meticulous with every appointment, providing each customer with a profile that details past services while advising them of personal hair do’s and don’ts with hair health as a priority.

GoodBody is a self-funded, Black and womxn-owned business and joins the wave of flourishing Black-owned businesses in the beauty industry and the Bay Area.