Studio Metaverse Launches Company to Capitalize on Popularity of Blockchain Technologies


Blockchain mavens Jaesun Lee and Taemin Oh today the launch of their company, Studio Metaverse, to capitalize on the popularity of blockchain-related technologies. Products such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), virtual reality and augmented reality as well as fintech investments will be the primary focus of the corporation.

With an award-winning team in both the United States and South Korea, Studio Metaverse is led by CEO Jaesun Lee, who has invested and developed both crypto and blockchain technologies since 2016; Chief Information Officer Taemin Oh, who is considered by most to be the foremost expert in blockchain and crypto technology in the Asia-Pacific communities, is a celebrated author of many crypto currency and blockchain technology books and has one of the most popular YouTube shows in the Asia-Pacific; and CMO James Chang who has been a marketing officer and technology consultant for over 20 years. Jaesun Lee will head the US operation while Tahmin Oh will lead the South Korea team.

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital item with blockchain-managed ownership. Studio Metaverse will collaborate with their various clients to launch the Studio Metaverse NFT Marketplace developed by and distribute exclusive drops of iconic images, beginning with the first on August 2022. The SM NFT Marketplace will also tie-into most of the global NFT network e-commerce sites to enhance sales.

In an effort to build on the existing success of NFTs, Studio Metaverse has developed a unique and patent-pending technology called DNANFT. DNANFT is a certified NFT which holds real DNA data. This new digital paradigm will connect our real world lives into the metaverse community. For the purpose of this process, Studio Metaverse provides a service to preserve organic life signatures in blockchain, combining both virtual and our real worlds.

The next step for DNANFT is a new effort Studio Metaverse is releasing called the Celebrity DNANFT Project. It allows NFT owners to feel connected to their favorite, participating celebrity by grafting the celebrity’s genetic information confirmed through verification by a renowned genetic identification center to our blockchain. In other words, it is the ULTIMATE fan collectible.

Studio Metaverse has already begun developing digital and blockchain-related products for companies such as Tom Murray USA’s award-winning photographic collection of The Beatles.

Studio Metaverse will feature their clients’ NFTs in a virtual gallery in SM VR World, Studio Metaverse’s metaverse platform. The gallery will present an immersive world to present a new series of NFTs and Celebrity DNANFTs. During the initial launch period starting in August, the group will provide fee waive events while the NFT minting is being processed for each NFT.