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The Write Brothers: They are four Black men, each an accomplished leader in separate fields. The roads they traveled were all different. Remarkably, the individual journeys brought them together in Charlotte, NC. They call their alliance The Write Brothers. These men are connected by values of family, faith, and perseverance. Join the webinar to hear their words and learn more about the writers: Patrick Diamond, Dr. Augustus G. Parker, III, Rev. Reggie Tuggle, and Ron Ancrum.To register:…/introducing-the-write…We are also offering a discount on advance book purchases. To learn more about the books, go to:

Everyone has a beginning, a place where they grew up, a tale about how they were raised, and most importantly a juncture when it seems your life all come together.  If you live long enough, your memories will be filled with moments of joy as well as hardships.  This article is about a group of Black men who have come together for the purpose of aligning their most recent work by telling their respective stories.

One was born into abject poverty, another lived his first nine years in an attic with his unwed teenaged mother, a high school teacher suggested vocational school instead of college for the third and the fourth had a father who spent time in prison.

They are four different Black men, each now an accomplished leader in separate fields.  The roads they traveled were all different.  Remarkably, the individual journeys brought them together in Charlotte, NC.  They each wrote a book during these turbulent recent years and now they are uniting.  They call their alliance The Write Brothers. The four men; Rev. Reggie Tuggle, Dr. Augustus Parker III, Patrick Diamond and Ron Ancrum are connected by values of family, faith, inspiration and wisdom.  

“Our alliance is built on friendships, new and old developed over a period of time in Charlotte, NC,” said Patrick Diamond.  “We were excited to learn that independently we all pursued this interest in writing books about our life experiences. We want to share advice we think might be helpful to others. “

Patrick Diamond wrote THE INCREDIBLE JOY of Collecting African American Art, My Journey from Frog Town, S. C. to the National Gallery. It is a compelling story about the relentless effort of Patrick and his wife Judy over many years of accumulating African American Art and growing it into one of the nation’s most renowned collections.  Their collection has been showcased in museums and other venues across the country.

“While our individual efforts were successful,” Gus Parker said, “this Brotherhood wanted to support each other in this new venture, and thus the Write Brothers was born.” 

Dr. Augustus G. Parker III is the author of Mining Diamonds He chronicles how faith and family were the basis for navigating the challenges of medical school and how he and his wife Cheryl delicately “mined” three children who followed in his footsteps in becoming physicians, totaling four physicians within two generations.

“Our gathering was not intended to send a message, but there are lessons to be learned about being a Black man from each of us,” points out Ron Ancrum, “the messages are not all the same just as each individual is different.”

Ron Ancrum wrote Keep On Moving: My Journey In The Fourth Quarter. It began as a journal that expanded as his health took an unexpected turn. Ron shares life wisdom as a son, husband, father, and friend. Thoughts about his varied career from educator to jazz musician are sprinkled throughout the narrative.

Rev. Reggie Tuggle wrote A Journey Through Grace His book is an inspiring story detailing one man’s redemptive and grace-filled journey out of the grim and limiting depths of poverty and loss.  Despite his early beginnings and faith, Reggie became a leader of a church that grew from 40 members to 1,000, founded a charter school, and has traveled the world.

“We all come from somewhere,” said Reggie Tuggle, “and we carry that place with us wherever we go.”

With wit and humor these four unusual individuals, The Write Brothers are ready to share the places they’ve come from and traveled through with curious audiences. Sit in on a conversation with these four.  You will feel like you are listening to the best kind of wisdom over the dinner table or the camaraderie and laughs at the barber shop.  The Write Brothers are available to speak with groups in 2022.

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