Ada & Edith: Celebrating Black Excellence in Fashion this Black History Month

Ukonwa Ojo, Founder of Ada & Edith

photo:Ukonwa Ojo, Founder of Ada & Edith

This Black History Month, Ada & Edith stands as a shining example of Black excellence in the modern fashion industry. With founder Ukonwa Ojo‘s visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit paving the way for a brand that celebrates empowerment, inclusivity, and thoughtful consumerism, Ada & Edith invites every woman to experience fashion that speaks to their unique journey.

Ojo recently disrupted the world of womenswear with the brand’s January 2024 launch by offering a unique blend of comfort and style that redefines the landscape of women’s fashion.  By centering minimalist, eye-catching clothing around women’s day-to-day lives, with each piece designed to go from a casual day to a sophisticated night with just a change in accessories, Ada & Edith is a testament to the enduring legacy of Black entrepreneurship and innovation this Black History Month and beyond.


Founded by an award-winning entrepreneur and accomplished executive with a deeply-rooted commitment to creating products for communities often overlooked by the mainstream, Ada & Edith’s design ethos is inspired by the narratives of everyday working women, addressing the need for versatile womenswear suitable for the diverse lifestyles of women. Ada & Edith celebrates the enduring legacy of Black entrepreneurship and innovation, inviting women of all backgrounds to experience fashion that not only reflects their journey but also celebrates their identity.

To shop the new collection and to learn more about Ada & Edith this Black History Month, visit their website

About Ada & Edith:
Ada & Edith is a black-owned womenswear brand founded by entrepreneur and fashion designer Ukonwa Ojo. With a minimalist approach and inclusivity at its core, Ada & Edith is a space where comfort meets everyday elegance and a world where womens’ clothing is designed around their lives—not the other way around. For more information, visit

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