Giving Gap Publishes First Report on the State of Black Nonprofits in the U.S


Giving Gap, the largest online platform of Black-founded nonprofits in the United States, has published a landmark research report: State of Black Nonprofits ReportShining a Light on What Donors and Funders Need to Know.

The report reveals insights and trends about the community —which boasts well over 1,000 organizations in the U.S., many of them listed on Giving Gap’s platform. It also highlights Black-founded nonprofits as high-performing organizations and outlines recommendations to increase investments and drive long-term community impact.

Said Giving Gap Chief Executive Officer Heather Infantry: “This report highlights the transformative power of Black organizations to create meaningful social progress and the need for targeted support and resources to ensure the sustainability, growth and breadth of their influence within the communities they serve.”

This report utilizes existing Giving Gap survey data from Black nonprofit leaders as well as 990 data. Key findings from the report include:

  • Black nonprofit leaders have personal experiences related to their nonprofit’s mission, fueling their commitment toward their organization’s causes.
  • Despite their dedication, many leaders need to supplement their nonprofit income with additional jobs due to financial constraints.
  • The top need identified by these organizations is financial support for general operations, highlighting the need for increased investments.

Despite momentum and increased awareness driven by the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, the nation’s largest foundations still devote only about 2% to the Black community. Yet, Black nonprofits continue to prove that investments in their organizations help address racial disparities, create more equitable and just support services and programs, and achieve strong community conditions.

“The impact of Black nonprofits on local communities is immeasurable,” said Christina Lewis, Giving Gap co-founder and board chair. “This report spotlights the need to increase investment in Black nonprofits that are empowering communities and are at the forefront of racial equity and justice work.”