Pepsi and Beyonce

Shown is a limited edition Pepsi can developed in partnership between Pepsi and Beyonce.  It will first be seen in Europe (March 2013).

Pepsi and musical superstar Beyoncé have announced a pioneering partnership that’s aimed at hitting all the high notes a celebrity/brand alliance could conceivably offer on a global scale.

The partnership is designed to be a true creative and wide-ranging collaboration between Pepsi and the 16-time Grammy Award-winning artist, with the brand and the pop star working together to co-create amazing content and experiences intended to benefit both partners while giving the fans true “Live for Now” experiences.

“Pepsi and Beyoncé share a passion and enthusiasm for breaking new ground when it comes to music,” says Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s Global Beverages Group. “Beyoncé, who continually defines and redefines what ‘now’ means for her millions of devotees worldwide, is the perfect partner and ambassador for Pepsi.”

Beyoncé and Pepsi will come together to craft innovative content geared to an audience always thirsting for the latest in exciting music and digital experiences. Additional promotional, packaging and social media elements will unfold as Pepsi and Beyoncé hone their duet to a perfect pitch.

“We’re very excited about the chance to ‘share the stage’ with an iconic star like Beyoncé, while together we create opportunities for rising stars around the world,” says Frank Cooper III, chief marketing officer of global consumer engagement for PepsiCo Global Beverages Group. “It’s going to add up to great new music and fun new experiences for our consumers, helping them make the most of the moment they’re in. That’s what ‘Live for Now’ is all about and that’s what this partnership is all about.”


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