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newyear_imageWe wish you a prosperous new year filled with blessings! May you overcome your obstacles, stay focused on the future and be encouraged about the hope and promise of unity.  We thank you for your support of UnityFirst.com and look forward to your readership and viewership in 2013. Together, we can make a difference!


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  • Eliot Husum posted an update 6 minutes ago

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  • ElliotHamiltion posted an update 14 minutes ago

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    吳越心中有了主意,眸中閃過一絲駭人的寒光,隨即又收斂起來。打電話將 Nike新款鞋子型錄 老子叫過來。吳越隨手一丟,直接將林華扔到地上。林華有些猶豫, nike 2015 雖然紈絝點,但並不笨。這個來歷不明的青年單手就能將一百三十斤的 nike 2015…[Read more]

  • Eliot Husum posted an update 25 minutes ago

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