Richard Lester, MIT Associate Provost speaks during Africa Innovate Conference (MIT)



Richard Lester, Associate Provost of MIT, shared inspiring comments that engaged the audience in innovation. “MIT is an optimistic place because it is about the future of science, engineering and the social sciences. Out African community here at MIT is small, yet it is expected to grow over time.

Lester  noted that innovation begins when you can identify the value of discovery and invention. “You don’t have innovation unless you create value,” he said as conference participants prepared to find new value for their business ventures and innovative ideas  in Africa.

Knowing the Africa is one of the fastest growing regions of the world, Lester emphasized the “online education will fill a gap and that new educational credentials will bring new opportunities. In fact, this conference  — Africa Innovate for an Inclusive Future– plans to ignited deep conversation and exploration of solutions to drive advancement and to create a better future African. Hopefully, it will inspire us to make changes in Africa.”



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