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  • FeltonDick posted an update 2 minutes ago

    Calculate the volume of the sofa (a cylinder): pi radius radius length. So the garden slug is 56 cubic feet (3.14 1.5 1.5 8). Getting the beans will be a fun excursion unto itself, as you can see below. The gated condo complex features private beach access, tennis courts, community WIFI access, playground, community grill, two large swimming…[Read more]

  • EdwardDonald posted an update 6 minutes ago

    Sam’s not so sure despite the fact that it’s almost certainly a trap to get Dean to say yes. “Or it’s not a trap, and I’m gonna say yes anyway. And I louis and vuitton will. Steve Johnston Jr. And Sr. Of Foster City, take a firearms orientation class at the gunshop.

    Ecoterror, you are a LOSER! I too had a high power sales job that I…[Read more]

  • EdwardDonald posted an update 10 minutes ago

    In Houston, Texas, for example, I found $50 to be a minimum fee for delivery even if you lived one block from the store. They would also pickup the old for no additional fee. This was in the mid nineties. Campbell appeared on some New York runways last outlet for louis vuitton bags week, but she missed the Gordon Henderson show, causing an hours…[Read more]